Road Event 1:

"Heading out a little late, aren't you?" The guard at the wall looks at you passively. You grunt in response and head through the opened gate.

"Nobody's gonna go looking for your corpse if you don't return!" the guard shouts at your back.

You ended up embarking out on the road much later than you had hoped — events in town saw to that — but as dusk settles on the horizon you feel confident that you are up to any threat you might face.

And then begins the howling of wolves — vicious, foul beasts — and, judging from their sounds, they seem to be getting closer.

Road Event 2:

You are feeling a tad hungry as you walk down the road. You are considering stopping for a meal when you come across a thicket of bushes covered in green berries.

The berries look delicious, but you hesitate. They could be poisonous.

Road Event 3:

You are feeling a tad hungry as you walk down the road. You are considering stopping for a meal when you come across a thicket of bushes covered in red berries.

The berries look delicious, but you hesitate. They could be poisonous.

Road Event 4:

You see fresh wagon tracks in the dirt as you walk along the road. You continue forward and begin to pick out a number of distinct tracks. They must be from a large caravan.

Sure enough, as you crest a hill, you see a group of four wagons headed down the road in the same direction as you. You count perhaps three or four guards among them.

Road Event 5:

You are traveling through a small wooded area when you round a bend and find a group of Inox warriors fighting a band of armored humans.

With all the commotion, it's hard to discern more details, but the humans look like guards from Gloomhaven. You are not sure why they would be out here fighting the Inox, though.

Road Event 6:

Stumbling through the woods, you are alarmed to hear the sudden sounds of a large animal rummaging through the underbrush. You crouch down, gauging the grunts and growls.

Through the trees, you see a large bear approaching your location. It has not noticed you yet, but you imagine it will soon.

Road Event 7:

Walking along the edge of a forest, you begin to hear strange, unfamiliar sounds coming from beyond the trees. You stop and listen closer.

There's a rhythm to the sounds, and with that established, you begin to pick out different human voices in the mix. You'd venture to say that the noise vaguely sounds like chanting.

Road Event 8:

You see a lone man walking toward you on the road. As you meet on the path, he turns to you and begins to speak.

"Oi there. I wouldn't suppose you lot might spare me some coin?" he asks. "A lot of coin, actually."

You look at him quizzically as he continues. "You see, I lead a lotta thieves and bandits in this area and we gotta make sure all the mouths are fed."

At this, a large number of bandits come out of hiding around you, emerging from the bushes.

"So about that coin," the man says with a smile. "Five gold per head oughta do it."

Road Event 9:

Walking through a stretch of lowlands, you see a man in armor sitting against a large boulder. As you get closer, you see that he is bleeding from his side.

"Ah, what luck," he says "I got separated from my detail and then had an unfortunate run-in with a bear. I'm afraid I no longer have the strength to stand."

He looks at you imploringly. "You wouldn't happen to have a potion or something you wouId be willing to give me? I Just need a little extra energy to make it back to Gloomhaven."

Road Event 10:

You have only wandered off the main road in search of your destination when the ground begins to shift, beneath your feet.

What was once solid now gives way, and you find yourself falling down into a dark pit. You land twenty feet down, cushioned by the soil that fell with you.

You stand up with alertness and look around, trying to get your bearings. You have fallen into a man made cavern with smooth stone walls and floors.

This could be a trap or just some long-forgotten structure.

Road Event 11:

You are headed through a mountainous region when the ground begins to shift and shake beneath you. Taken off guard you fall to your knees.

The tremors continue unabated and grow stronger. You hear rumbling as rocks begin to tumble down the mountainside.

Road Event 12:

A rustling in a nearby thicket stops you in your tracks. You crouch down and assume a defensive stance.

Suddenly, a tiny ball of fur with short stubby legs leaps out at you. It barks at you twice in a ineffectual, high-pitched tone and then begins to wag its tail.\
You relax your weapons. What is such a small defenseless puppy doing out in the wilderness?

Road Event 13:

Traveling off the beaten path, you are surprised to see a large group of figures on the horizon. You take out your weapons and move cautiously forward.

As you get closer, it becomes clear that the figures are not alive, but sculptures of some kind, made haphazardly out of branches, garbage, and scrap metal. There are fifty or so in the middle of a field, with no other signs of life as far as you can see.

You see a necklace that may be valuable on one of them and go to grab it.

"Don't touch her!" You wheel around to see an old man in rags emerge from a hole in the ground and charge at you with a broken broom handle. "These women are all mine!"

Road Event 14:

You are walking down the road when the sound of many wings pulls your gaze to the sky. Above you, you see a flock of white birds flying southward.

At that height, you figure a well-aimed arrow could bring one of them down to make a nice meal

Road Event 15:

You are walking down the road when the sound of many wings pulls your gaze to the sky. Above you, you see a large flock of red birds flying southward.

At that height, you figure a well-aimed arrow could bring one of them down to make a nice meal.

Road Event 16:

The route to your destination is less direct than you had hoped, and you end up taking a shortcut through a small forest.

There you happen upon a family of deer. They are still a ways off in the distance and haven't noticed you.

You approach cautiously.

Road Event 17:

Not far outside of Gloomhaven, you look up to see a large bird flying overhead. Something is odd, though. It's movements are jerky, and there is smoke billowing out of it. Then you see it plunge into a sudden nosedive and crash to the ground off in the east.

You rush to the scene and find a limping, soot-covered Quatryl kicking a giant winged contraption made of leather and metal.

"Curse this wretched thing!" He yells in frustration. "I thought I'd worked it out, and then I suddenly lost pressure in the piston chamber!"

He looks over at you. "You there! Wonderful timing! Help me get this thing back into the air. There is no time to waste!"

Road Event 18:

The road contains many dangers, and chief among them are the barbaric tribes of Inox that inhabit the wilderness around the city. This is why your heart sinks when you see a mounted group of them ride up to you and surround your party.

"Ah, agents of that wretched monstrosity you call a town," the largest of the Inox says as he looks down at you. "Tell me, scum. What business do you have out here on my land? Have those fools sent you out to murder more of my people?"

Road Event 19:

Heading down the main road, you see an odd-looking wagon in front of you. It is covered in metal bars and a number ragged men in chains walk behind it. On either side of the wagon, you see city guards on horseback keeping a watchful eye on everything.

You get closer and one of the guards calls out to you. "Keep your distance! We are transporting dangerous criminals."

A moment later, one of the prisoners in back slips out of his manacles and begins to sprint full speed into the tall grass.

Road Event 20:

You are trudging through some foothills when you hear the strangest sound in the distance. It sounds vaguely like wolves howling, but higher pitched, and there is a rhythm and a melody to it.

You crest a nearby hill and survey the area, spying a pack of Vermlings standing in a circle and singing. "Singing" is the best way you can think to describe it, anyway. Occasionally during the song they also clap and dance around.

Road Event 21:

You find yourself cutting through the dense underbrush of a forest when you notice a number of small woodland animals running along the forest floor in opposite direction.

Mice, squirrels, ferrets — they all appear to be running from something up ahead of you. You are filled with a troubling sense of foreboding as you catch a whiff of smoke in the air.

Road Event 22:

There was a heavy rain last night, and the roads are now dark streaks of mud. And as bad as it is for you walking, you see that others up ahead on the road are having worse trouble. You come upon a collection of wagons stuck in the mud on the side of the road.

You look around and see an odd assortment of people dressed in garish clothing. They are working to push their brightly painted wagons, all emblazoned with a "Marvelous and Magical Techno-Circus" logo, out of the muck.

"We just stopped for a quick meal, and now the wheels have sunk into this mess," a Quatryl with a fancy top hat says as you approach. "I'm sure our strongmen will get us out eventually but we certainly wouldn't begrudge a little extra help."

Road Event 23:

A knapsack and a walking stick on the side of the road catch your attention as you pass. You look around and see a man squatting in the hushes a small distance away.

"Oh, hello!" he says. "Good timing, actually. You wouldn't mind grabbing me some leaves, would you? It's seems I've made quite a mess over here."

Road Event 24:

You come across a group of brow-beaten Inox trudging down the path in the opposite direction as you. Some are pulling carts laden with various miscellany, mostly furs and crudely crafted goods. The rest have armloads of much of the same.

It is obvious that this is everything the Inox have — their life's worth in their arms and wagons. They are all covered in what appears to be soot.

The shaman at the head of the group calls to you. "The beast awakens! The mountain is aflame! Beware you do not anger it!"

Looking to the horizon, you can see black smoke rising from a far-off peak.

Road Event 25:

You are far off the main road when you see a small band of Inox approaching from the west. You try to divert your path to go around them, but they are moving directly into your path.

In a few minutes' time they overtake you.

"You've wandered into our territory travelers," the biggest one says. "We don't much like visitors."

You stare at her blankly.

"Such acts can be forgiven, but it will cost you."

Road Event 26:

You see a lone wagon off to the side of the road up ahead. You approach cautiously.

As you near, a jovial man with a wide hat waves at you. "Ho there! I don 't suppose you have any expertise in fixing a broken axle? The road wasn't even that bumpy, and then BAM!" The man claps his hands together.

"Just splits in half. I need to have all these goods up north in two days, and I am just at a loss about how to get myself out of this pickle!"

Road Event 27:

Walking a path between a small grove and a steep cliff, you suddenly find yourself facing a massive group of felled trees blocking the road.

The placement of the trees seems odd, and you have a wary, suspicious feeling about the whole situation.

Road Event 28:

As you walk down a dirt path, you see a hard-looking mercenary sitting in a patch of grass. He nods as you pass.

"Hey, friends," he says. There is something off about his tone, though.

"I don't suppose one of you might he willing to part with a stamina potion, would you? I'm headed toward Gloomhaven, but I've just come such a long way and I'm not feeling too good about the stretch I have left."

With the clank of his sword sheath against his armor and a loud groan, the man stands up. "I'll pay you well for it."

Road Event 29:

Walking among some foothills, you enter a narrow valley and find a large pile of stones blocking your way. Clearly a rock slide occurred here recently.

You move closer to the pile and despair at just how large the stones are. Only someone of great strength and skill could clear a path efficiently.

Road Event 30:

You see smoke on the horizon and catch the vague stench of burning flesh. You hasten your step see what catastrophe lies ahead of you on the road.

After a few minutes, you come upon a trade caravan ravaged by a pack of Vermlings, if the tracks in the mud are any indication.

Dead bodies and broken, upturned carts lie across the path, but you can also see a few survivors, wounded and bloody on the ground. A woman limps across the road, carrying pieces of wreckage.

Road Event 31:

You approach the crest of a hill to the sound of yelling and swords clashing. Advancing, you see a trade caravan fighting off a swarm of Vermlings.

You can easily see that the caravan guards are not doing well. They are vastly outnumbered and forced to remain in a defensive position to protect their employers. You expect they will be overwhelmed and killed in a manner of minutes.

Road Event 32:

You encounter two Valraths with a small horse and cart on the side of the road. They seem a little uncomfortable at your approach, their hands instinctively going for their weapons.

You make a sign of peace and they relax a little.

"Perhaps it is good that you happen by, travelers, " the one on the left says. "Our horse is completely spent and we fare little better. We are in desperate need of some supplies to finish our journey."

The Valrath offers a crude smile. "Do you think you could help us in this matter?"

Road Event 33:


You step in the middle of the road and feel a rippling in your skin. You're not sure what it is, but some strange forces are at work.

There is a faint whisper on the wind and you feel as though at any moment, one step could send you plummeting off the face of the earth.

Road Event 34:

Your travels leave you out in the wilderness overnight, so you make camp and start a fire.

It's hard to sleep outside of the comfort of the city, always on guard, looking for the next fatal threat. Luckily the night proves fairly dull. That is, until you hear the sound of voices approaching your camp.

They are faint and low — almost like growling, but you can hear indications of language.

Road Event 35:

You are enjoying a pleasant, peaceful stroll down the road when you find yourself suddenly surrounded by a beleaguered group of men. One of them steps forward, a pox covering half his face.

"Good day to you." He smiles weakly. "We hate to be a burden, but you see, my camp has been taken ill with a strange malady, and we must kindly beg you for some money for medicine."

You look around to see that some disfiguring disease has indeed come over the lot of them.

The man scratches the side of his face with one hand while he slowly pulls out a sword with the other. "I'm afraid we can't take no for an answer."

Road Event 36:

Up ahead, you see the path you are on leads into a dark and unfamiliar wood. It gives you an eerie feeling.

As you step closer, you can feel your skin crawl and it forces you to pause, you can't help, but think that this wood might best be avoided.

Road Event 37:

What starts as a light rain quickly turns into something much worse, with torrents of water battering your skin and lightning piercing the sky.

You're able to find a small rock outcropping and rush under it as thunder shakes the ground. This should protect you from the worst of it, but you don't know how long the storm will last.

Road Event 38:

It is something small that catches your eye: a button on the ground glinting in the sun. A button in the shape of an Oak Leaf.

You stop to investigate, and then you begin to see the bigger things. Splatters of blood in the dirt. Signs of multiple bodies being dragged into the forest.

You stand and peer into the underbrush. You see a few broken branches and crushed plants. Maybe you could track the bodies through the forest.

Road Event 39:

You see movement in the tall grass to your left, and a weak voice calls out.

"Help... me...please..."

You approach the stirring to see a Valrath man writhing on the ground, his skin covered in boils and pus-filled sores.

"The sickness burns..." he moans at you. "Please... help..."

Road Event 40:

There were heavy rains last night for sure, but you didn't realize the full extent of it until you come face-to-face with a river raging right through the middle of the road.

This river is no small matter, either — it is several feet deep and fast-flowing. It's rather troubling, too, since you have no idea how long it might take to find a decent crossing point.

Road Event 41:

Your path is taking you through a small wooded area when you suddenly see a large bear charging directly at you through the trees.

You may have gotten too close to its den, but you can't know for sure. All you know is that it is clearly enraged, and you have very little time to react.

Road Event 42:

A trade caravan passes by you on the road. This event isn't too uncommon, but what catches your eye is a familiar-looking Inox traveliing with the caravan as a guard.

At the sight of you, the Brute lights up and gives you a big wave, then rushes over to greet you. He is positively joyful to see you and immediately starts to reminisce about all the exciting battles you fought together.

Slapping you on the back, he implores you to travel with the caravan for a while to give you all a chance to catch up.

Road Event 43:

You probably wouldn't normally noticed it, but sometimes nature calls and you need to head off the beaten path to get some privacy.

Hidden in the bushes, you come across the smoking wreckage of some crude machine. It looks to have broken down at some point and was left here to rust and decay.

Most of it is scrap, but thanks to your time with the Tinkerer, you know a good power core when you see one. Its a bit heavier than you'd hoped, but it should fetch a good price back in Gloomhaven.

Road Event 44:

Due to a late start, night falls before you can get to where you are going. You are on your guard throughout the night, but nothing can quite prepare you for Night Demon attack.

They come upon you silent and invisible, so you are unaware of their presence until their claws sink into your flesh.

The darkness erupts into chaos with flashing swords and horrific shrieks. And then a bolt of fire streaks through the darkness and incinerates one of the demons.

Someone else is out there.

Road Event 45:

Riding up on horses, a band of dirty, rough men quickly overtake and surround your group. They look hard and dangerous, and you immediately pull out your weapons as they approach.

Then you hear a familiar laugh.

"Well, if it isn't my old crew." A woman in dark leather armor leaps off her horse to comes greet you. "You know whatt boys? This lot gets a pass."

She winks at you and turns around. "Plus, they'd probably kill you all if things turned ugly."

Jumping back onto her horse, the Scoundrel looks back at you. "Well, it was nice seeing you. Just remember — you never saw me."

Road Event 46:

Walking among the foothills, you see a steep ridge in front of you and on top of it, a very odd rock formation.

The formation calls to you somehow, but the way up is not readily apparent. In fact, climbing the ridge looks pretty dangerous, but you just feel like you need to get up there and look at the rocks.

Road Event 47:

A single Vermling jumps out of the brush at you, surprising you briefly. Within moments, though, you have your weapons out and pressed against his throat.

"EEEEEEEeeeahh!" The Vermling drops his weapon and cowers. "No attack! My brothers in the bushes say you had stink of city-dwelling outcast on you. I wanted to be sure."

The Vermling waves his hands. "It' s not bad! Just curious. Being stinky city-dwelling outcast is fine. Please, don't hurt me!"

Road Event 48:

You see them long before they get close to you — radiant balls of light blazing against the horizon.

Sun Demons.

As they approach, you prepare for an attack, but the demons have other plans. They menace you with their glowing claws, but they would rather have information than kill you.

"Where is the one you call a Sunkeeper?" one of them hisses. "The Valrath neglects her duties, and now we must resolve matters personally."

You press for further information, but the demons get angry. "These are not your concerns! Tell us where she is or die at our hands!"

Road Event 49:

You are approached on the road by a group of men on horseback. They don't immediately seem menacing, but they are formidable and well organized.

One of the men, who wears plate armor and has a sword at his side, addresses you coldly. "You hail from Gloomhaven, correct? What say you about the politics of the place? Are you for or against military rule in the region? Do you think those fool merchants could do a better job, like they're doing with the rest of this doomed land?"

Looking closer, you see all the men wear the signet of a tower with an eye at its center

Road Event 50:

Up ahead of you, you see a staff stuck in the very center of the road pointing straight up out of the ground. You get closer, and an odd sense of foreboding comes over you.

You recognize the staff as the one wielded by the Summoner. The fact that it is now in front of you with such a strange and ominous placement makes you very wary.

You quickly look around, but nothing else of note is in sight.

Road Event 51:

You reach a crossroad and decide to rest for a bit. As you eat some of your rations, something sticking up out of the ground in the distance catches your attention.

You move closer, and what you thought was a signpost turns out to be a human skull impaled on a spike.

There is something sticking out of the skulls mouth.

Road Event 52:

You smell the corpses before you see them. A group of five or so, spread across the road, flies buzzing around in a frenzy.

As you get closer, you see the wretched, deformed looks on their faces and the boils covering their skin. You also see their crude armor and weapons — likely a group of cutthroats.

What is truly odd though, is that their weapons are out of their sheaths in the first place. It appears they were engaged in battle when they suddenly succumbed to some horrible disease.

You can think of at least one way that could have happened. Fine handiwork from the Plagueherald.

Road Event 53:

You hear the distinctive sound of metal on metal in the distance and race up a hill in the road to investigate.

In front of you, you see a familiar female Inox in heated battle with a group of Gloomhaven guards. Though outnumbered and bloodied, you've never seen that stop the Berserker before. With every wound they inflict, she becomes more and more enraged, cleaving off limbs with the ease of cutting grass.

Road Event 54:

Deep inside a dense forest, you begin to hear the jangling of bells and see a small troupe of performers approaching you through the trees.

"Well, look who it is!" The small voice belongs to a garishly dressed female Quatryl with a lute and a feathered hat. "Fancy running into you out here."

"This actually may be a stroke of luck," the Soothsingcr says. "You see, my compatriots and I seem to be a bit lost. We were headed toward the Capital when my drummer said he knew a shortcut. Now here we are in the middle of a forest without an inkling of a clue. I don't suppose you could find it in your heart to escort us back to the main road, could you?"

Road Event 55:

You come to a fork in the road. One path looks clear and easy, but the other path is overgrown with thorns and nettles. Either one will likely get you to where you are going.

The whole situation feels off, though — as if someone or something is watching you.

Still a decision must be made.

Road Event 56:

At first the man looks dead, with numerous open wounds and lying in a pool of blood in the dirt/

But then he coughs and whispers something unintelligible. The man looks pretty bad off, likely attacked by some wild animal, but it's possible he could be saved.

Road Event 57:

You are wandering through an abysmal fog, cursing the very fact you woke up this morning. You can't see two feet in front of your face and everything is just so cold and damp.

Walking down what you think is the road, you nearly bump into an elderly Savvas.

"Ah, how fortuitous is such a meeting," the Savvas says. "You look like the ones whom my protégé worked with for some time. Normally I would not give the lesser races a second glance, but the master of elements must have seen something in you."

It stretches its joints and looks around. "Hmm, you must be having a rough time with this weather I could offer you something that may help."

Road Event 58:

Despite your best efforts, you find yourself lost in a forest. You thought you were taking a shortcut, but then you got turned around and lost your bearings.

And just when you think things couldn't get worse, a wolf suddenly jumps out of the brush in front of you. Oddly; though, it doesn't appear aggressive.

It howls once and then slowly and deliberately begins to walk through the trees in front of you, as if expecting you to follow it.

Road Event 59:

The air is especially humid and muggy as you walk towards your destination, but even that couldn't explain the sight that greets you on the road.

Directly in front of you, completely blocking the only available path, is a massive swarm of insects. There must be millions of them.

You take a hesitant step forward and the bugs do not react. They are not concerned by your presence at all.

Road Event 60:

You see smoke on the horizon expecting the worst and sigh, expecting the worst. Sure enough, you approach the scene to find a ransacked caravan — burned, pillaged, and destroyed by what appears to be Vermlings.

You find one survivor among the victims who laments that when the Vermlings came upon them, one of the guards, a large Inox, seemed to throw aside his weapon and simply accept his fate.

That's when you find the body of the Brute, torn and bloody among the wreckage. Seeing him this way, the fire gone from his eyes, he appears unnaturally small.

Road Event 61:

You are heading through a small forest when you hear the sound of a woman screaming off to the west. You silently move closer, catching a glimpse of multiple radiant figures through the tress.

They are Sun Demons, perhaps the same ones who accosted you earlier. That suspicion is confirmed when you get closer and see they are hovering around an armored Valrath woman bound to a tree, torturing her for information.

"Don't you see how important this is!" one of the demons says. "Give us the location of the temple!"

"Lies and tricks of a demon," the Sunkeeper responds. "The temple is in no danger except from you."

Road Event 62:

By now, the Sun Demons cut a very recognizable portrait against the horizon as they move toward you. You sincerely had hoped you were done with these creatures.

"We have urgent need of your assistance," one of them starts. "Night Demons have infested the Sun Temple, attempting to desecrate it and send the world into eternal darkness.

"We have tried to stop them, but they are too fortified inside the temple. We regrettably need more strength.

"Please, you cannot want an absence of a sun on this plane any less than we do. It would be disastrous."

Road Event 63:

As you walk through some foothills, the ground suddenly shakes violently beneath you. Two massive demons built of earth and stone rise up in front of you.

"Today we shall feast on your flesh, foolish travelers!"

Just as the demons take a step toward you, a massive ball of fire streaks through the air from behind and connects squarely with one of the demons, which erupts into a pillar of flame. Then lightning streaks toward the other, destroying one of its arms.

Looking around, you see the old Savvas you met earlier, who continues to throw out powerful attacks until the demons are forced to retreat.

"Well, fancy meeting you again!"

Road Event 64:

You reach a crossroads and deecide to rest for a bit. As you eat some of your rations, something sticking up out of the ground in the distance catches your attention.

You move closer, and what you thought was a signpost turns out to be a human skull impaled on a spike.

There is something sticking out of the skulls mouth.

Road Event 65:

As you crest a hill, you see a flock of carrion birds scatter to the east. They must have been feasting on something, so you decide to investigate.

After a short walk, you come upon a man's corpse, badly decayed and mangled, lying in the dirt. His face is a bloody mess, but you do see a distinctive chain around his neck and recall the description the man from the Sleeping Lion gave you of his brother. This is very likely him.

Road Event 66:

The first sign of the Inox raiding party was a cloud of dust on the horizon. It was so large, however, there was nowhere to run.

"City-dwelling scum!" one of the Inox in front calls out to you as you approach. "We march now to attack your city and wipe it from the face of this land. What do you say to that?"

Your first thought, as you prepare for a fight, is that they will need a larger army. Before you can strike, though, the sky grows dark. You assume it is a cloud, but then look up to see a giant drake descending on you from above.

Road Event 67:

Not too far down the main road outside of Gloomhaven, you run across a merchant wagon headed into town.

"Ah, I was afraid for a second you might be bandits!" The merchant says. "But now I see you are mercenaries from the town, correct? Most excellent! I have heard good things about the mercenaries of Gloomhaven. Hard to believe, coming from such a backwater place, but they are true, correct?"

Road Event 68:

Not too far down the main road outside of Gloomhaven, you run across a merchant wagon headed into town.

"Oh no...ah, mercenaries, I see," the merchant stammers as you approach, "Look, ah, I know the reputation of your like around Gloomhaven. Please, just take what you want and move on. I-I don t want any trouble."

Road Event 69:

Walking along the trail, you are surprised by a group of demons who appear to your left, charging over a hill toward you. Something is off, however. Their pace is slow, and they are significantly smaller than the demons you normally deal with.

Halfway down the hill, the demons pause and take stock of you. Seeing you are far from easy prey, they turn around and begin to retreat.

City Event 1:

You decide to unwind at the Sleeping Lion, but just as you are starting to relax, a bear of a man crashes into your table, scattering your drinks across the floor.

Towering over him is a massive Inox. "What did you say about my horns?" the Inox shouts.

The man stands up and brushes shards of glass from his tunic. "I said the sight of them makes me want to vomit!"

The Inox roars and charges headlong into the man, crashing through more tables in the process. At this, the entire tavern erupts into violence. After all, when a man is deep into his drink, the last thing you want to do is knock that drink over.

City Event 2:

As the daylight fades, you find yourselves wandering through a half-crowded market street, browsing wares.

"Hey! Over here!" You turn in the direction of the voice to see a filthy Vermling gesturing from a dark alley. "Yeah, you grim-looking chaps. I have something you might be interested in."

The Vermling holds out a piece of metal covered in sludge. "Found this in the sewer. Writing on it I don't understand, but I know it's valuable. You can have it for ten gold!"

City Event 3:

As the daylight fades, you find yourselves wandering through a half-crowded market street, browsing wares.

"Hey! Over here!" You turn in the direction a of the voice to see a filthy Vermling gesturing from a dark alley "Yeah, you grim-looking chaps. I have something you might be interested in."

The Vermling holds out a piece of metal covered in sludge. Found this in the sewer. Writing on it I don't understand, but I know its valuable. You can have it for ten gold!"

City Event 4:

Having recently returned from your latest adventure, you are approached by a ratty-looking boy in tears.

"Please, sirs, could you please help me with my cat? He went over there, and I'm afraid." The boy points a dirty finger at a decrepit, abandoned building. "I don't know what else to do."

City Event 5:

After resting for the evening, you start out your day noticing a great number of prominent, commanding posters around the city. Reading one, you learn that the Sanctuary of the Great Oak is laying down the foundation for a new building on the east side of Gloomhaven. Everyone is encouraged to come and help. This could be an important community event.

City Event 6:

You awake in the middle of the night to the sound of alarms ringing in the west. You recognize them as the warning clangs of an attack on the wall.

Any force bold enough to assault the defenses of Gloomhaven can't be good, For a moment you are grateful for the prolific number of guards defending the city. But still, there is always the possibility that the guards may not be enough.

City Event 7:

Occasionally your dealings in town lead you past the bustling docks. All conversation gets drowned out by the constant din of loading and unloading cargo and crew. This makes it all the more surprising when you hear a voice above the noise directed straight at you.

"Oi! You with the hard looks and big arms! I desperately need some help o'er here! Spare a few minutes to help make sure I get out of port on time? Otherwise I'll be stuck here until tomorrow!"

City Event 8:

On a trip to the New Market, you see a curious sea chart prominently displayed in a Valrath merchants stall.

"Ah. I see this interests you!" he says while holding it up, taking great care not to damage it. "I've been told this map will lead you to a location of untold riches! Wondrous beyond anything you have seen before!"

The Valrath gestures grandly with his free hand and his smile grows wide. "How can you say no to this? Just make me an offer!"

City Event 9:

After a night of heavy drinking, you get turned around while navigating the back alleys and find yourself standing before a collapsed section of bricked road that leads down into an underground tunnel.

Fueled by curiosity and a bit of liquid courage, you descend in search of adventure. Stumbling around in the vast network of tunnels proves rather fruitless, however, until a well-concealed passage leads you to a long-forgotten stash of weaponry and dried food.

The stuff could fetch a decent price at the Sunken Market, or you could turn it over to the city guard, which is always in need arms and rations.

City Event 10:

Relaxing for the evening at the Sleeping Lion, a shifty-looking man approaches you, hand outstretched. In it are a pair of pale dice with crude marks scratched on them.

"Greetings, friends. You look like you could stand to liven things up a bit. Care for a quick game of bone dice with me? I'm sure we could make it interesting." His other hand pats a coin purse at his side.

City Event 11:

"Please, something of interest, sirs." The words come through in chitters and hisses. You turn your head toward an alley in the Ward of Scales to see a Harrower dressed in crude robes and a mask, it holds out a piece of parchment.

"Something for sirs. Very powerful just five gold."

You can see the parchment has the designs for something on it, but still — you recognize this Harrower. It is known for trading in disreputable goods. You can't know where that parchment came from and if anyone saw you dealing with this creature...well, they might get the wrong idea.

City Event 12:

A great revelry is underway at the New Market when you arrive to purchase supplies. Investigating further, you discover the town is in the midst of a pie-eating contest.

A group of large sailors sits triumphantly at a long table on a makeshift stage, crumbs and bits of fruit scattered all around. A man in the center stands and addresses the crowd.

"Can no one best our pie-eating prowess? Step up and test your mettle!" With nothing better to do, you head up to the stage.

The contest goes well for a while as you match the others pie-for-pie, but soon your eating starts to slow, and the sailors are still going strong.

City Event 13:

You are walking across the Silent Bridge, headed toward the Sleeping Lion to get a quick meal, when you see a Quatryl standing in front of a small cart laden with plates of food and curious contraptions.

"Come try the delicacies of the East!" the Quatryl barks. "Food enhanced with science! Flavors beyond your wildest imagination!"

City Event 14:

You hear screams from the south as you approach the docks and see a group of women running toward you in a panic.

"An invasion! They yell as they race by you, nearly knocking you over.

You hurry to the docks and find a crowd of workers on edge, armed with makeshift weapons and circling one particular pier.

Standing at the far end of the wooden planks is a group of Lurkers — terrifying crab-like monsters as big as an Inox and equally ferocious. Except these Lurkers don't appear to be hostile. They are simply standing on the dock, clacking their claws in a strange rhythm.

City Event 15:

It was a truly marvelous night, full of alcohol and fuzzy memories. You are heading back to your rooms in high spirits when you take a wrong turn into an alley and trip over a mutilated corpse.

"What's all this then?" You look up to see a city guard walk into the alley, annoyed by all the noise you were making in your revelry.

Before you can react, he draws his sword. "You... what did you do?"

You look and see that, due to the fall, your clothes are now covered in blood. The guard clearly thinks you are responsible for the man's death, This night just took a serious turn for the worse.

City Event 16:

"Stop struggling! You're coming with me and there's nothing you can do about it!"

Ahead of you in the street, you see a pair of guards scuffling with a young boy dressed in rags. "You snatch purses, you go to the Ghost Fortress. No way around that."

"But my family is starving." the boy cries. You recognize his voice from some of your dealings in the Sunken Market. He's given you helpful tips for mercenary work on a number of occasions.

City Event 17:

Returning to Gloomhaven with your latest haul of treasure, you approach the market in search of a good trade. Unfortunately, there are only a few visible stands around that are not yet packing up for the day.

A robed Savvas catches your eye. It has a few strange artifacts on display, but you approach with no great expectation, hoping your goods will fetch a decent price.

The Savvas silently nods as you approach. It picks through your haul and lifts up a single item, holding out a small bag for you in exchange.

Pouring out the bag's contents, a single rectangular black-and-white coin lands in your palm.

City Event 18:

You are attending to business in the Sinking Market when a frail white-haired woman approaches you and grabs you by the arm.

"Oh my, don't you lot look strong." she says. "Could you possibly assist me with a small problem I am having in my cellar?"

Her eyes grow narrow. "Rats! So many rats! I don't know where they're coming from, but they are a right nuisance. Ruined three jars of preserves just yesterday!"

She tugs weakly at your sleeve. "Please, can you help me?"

City Event 19:

A curious invitation is slipped under your door in the early morning. It is for a wedding ceremony between the children of two wealthy Gloomhaven merchants. Your exploits seem to have placed you in their good graces, and so they would like you to join them on this special occasion, provided you don't show up in hlood-soaked armor. And for the love of the Great Oak, bring a gift.

City Event 20:

You are relaxing at the Sleeping Lion when an immaculately dressed man approach your table, a fake smile plastered to his face.

"Ah, you must be the mercenaries everyone is talking about, yes? My name is Lord Greymane and I have a delicate matter to discuss. May I sit?"

You gesture to a chair and he sits with a faint grimace. "I am transporting some valuable goods this evening from one of my warehouses, and I have reason to believe that some of the less desirable elements of this city wish to steal from me. I would like to hire you to help guard the undertaking."

City Event 21:

"I've been told you are the group to talk to if you want to get something done around here."

You look up from your table at the Sleeping Lion to see a rustic man in leather armor standing in front of you.

This tavern may as well be your office, due to the number of people coming through the doors looking for your help. You nod at the man, and he makes his request.

"My brother went out hunting in the Corpsewood two days ago and hasn't returned since, I fear the worst. If you are traveling in that direction, I hope you wouldn't mind keeping an eye out for him."

City Event 22:

You decide to head to the Brown Door for the evening to enjoy a Quatryl concert.

Corruption and crime run rampant in the bar, but the music is unmatched in all of Gloomhaven.

You are enjoying yourself immensely when you catch a glimpse of a man in a dark, tattered robe near the back of the room. He appears to be handing vials full of red liquid to a second man.

City Event 23:

You are walking home late at night when you hear some suspicious sounds coming from a nearby garden.

You move to investigate, and a shadowy figure bolts in the opposite direct carrying an armful of vegetables.

City Event 24:

Upon returning to the city after your latest adventure, you are approached by a high-ranking guard at the gate.

"Ah. good, I'm glad to have caught you, the guard begins. The capital has fallen behind on shipments of wood to Gloomhaven, so now it falls to us to pick up the slack so that construction of important city buildings doesn't stagnate."

The guard points to the east. We're forming an expedition to gather logs from the Corpsewood. We could use your help, either to guard against enemies or to chop down trees."

City Event 25:

On a trip to the Coin District, you catch sight of an old wiry Valrath carrying a large, intricate vase out his front door.

As you get closer, the Valrath begins to struggle with the vase, sweat pouring from his brow. Under the strain, the Valrath loses his balance, and the fragile vase topples downward as he yells a string of curses.

City Event 26:

While enjoying your customary post-adventure drink at the Sleeping Lion, you notice something weird going on with the lamps in the bar.

Your first thought is that it is your imagination, but after staring at the lamps intently, you see they are flickering in and out. Tech lamps, as opposed to normal gas-burning ones, have been known to be a bit unreliable.

As if on cue, the lamps suddenly go out completely, leaving the room pitch-black.

City Event 27:

You are out in the Ward of Scales when you see a crowd of people forming to the south, growing louder and more dense by the second.

As you approach, you see through the angry mob a terrified Vermling being pulled in your direction by a group of gruff men.

"Dirty thief!" a woman next to you screams. "String it up"

Glancing behind you to where the crowd appears to be headed, you see a disused gibbet in the market square.

The men — clearly not guards — move closer.

City Event 28:

Ah, the Sleeping Lion. Surely there is no better place to get a drink and relax after clearing out some dank dungeon.

On this particular occasion, though, you are approached by a heavily scarred Inox. She sits at your table and pushes forward a piece of paper.

"An interested party would like to hire you to steal a valuable figurine from a residence in the Battlements." she says matter-of-factly. "The details are on the paper. Meet me in the back alley in two days' time after the job is done."

City Event 29:

You get word from a contact that there is trouble brewing down at the East Walls and decide to investigate.

What you find is a large contingency of the city's Savvas workforce — the best builders you'll find anywhere — in open rebellion against the construction managers, demanding better pay for the specialized work they perform. "This city would be a lifeless pile of rocks without us!" one of the Savvas yells. "It's time we see some of its prosperity!"

The manager on the other side of the argument looks like a captured mouse, not sure at all how to get out of the situation.

City Event 30:

As you shop for supplies at the Sinking Market, your hand instinctively goes for the purse at your waist.

It's gone!

You quickly scan the crowd and see a small Vermling darting away from you, heading directly toward a sewer grating.

City Event 31:

You find yourself incredibly drunk and gambling away your hard-earned gold at the Brown Door when a robed woman approaches you.

"Please," she says. "You must help me. They've taken my only daughter. I beg you!"

She slides a parchment toward you. "They left this behind..."

You look down to see nothing, but the symbol of an upside-down black bird.

"The Ravens!" a man mutters. "Bad business."

A bouncer approaches. "Take that garbage outside. You're troubling the customers."

City Event 32:

As you return to town after your latest adventure, a high-ranking guard approaches and gestures you to the side of the road.

"I am embarrassed to admit this," he begins in a low voice, but we could really use some help. With all the attacks recently and very little support from the capital the city guard finds itself woefully lacking in both equipment and training for the new recruits."

The guard looks you over. You are experienced warriors, and anything you could do to help the situation would be greatly appreciated."

City Event 33:

The Void is a troubling area in Gloomhaven — a vast, barren expanse of black sand amid the bustling streets of the city. No one enters its perimeter.

On a trip to the University, however, you see a young girl playing near the edge of the Void. Before you can warn her, she trips and falls onto the sand.

She immediately emits a blood-curdling scream and begins to tear at her skin.

City Event 34:

After a night of revelry at the Sleeping Lion, you head out into the streets and notice a suspicious man in black robes skulking toward an allevway

You've been hearing reports about a cult inside the city, calling themselves the Ravens and performing all sort of terrible acts.

Perhaps this is one of them.

City Event 35:

Harrowers are a rare sight, both outside of Gloomhaven and within. Which explains why you are bit surprised when you find yourself standing before three Harrowers in ornate robes unlike any you've ever seen.

"We require spices from across the sea," one chitters at you. 'Can you direct us to the appropriate merchant?"

A bit caught offguard, you ask about the specihc kind of spice, but the Harrower makes only unintelligible hisses.

"It is hard to describe. We will know it when we see it. It is very important to our hive."

City Event 36:

You decide to unwind at the Sleeping Lion, but just as you are starting to relax, a bear of a man crashes into your table, scattering your drinks across the floor.

Towering over him is a massive Inox. "What did you say about my horns?" the Inox shouts.

The man stands up and brushes shards of glass from his tunic. "I said the sight of them makes me want to vomit!"

the Inox roars and charges headlong into the man, crashing through more tables in the process. At this, the entire tavern erupts into violence. After all when a man is deep into his drink, the last thing you want to do is knock that drink over.

City Event 37:

As you return to town after your latest adventure, you see smoke rising from the walls of the city. You enter the broken gates and see a scene of despair as the citizens of Gloomhaven recover from a catastrophic attack.

"Demons," a wounded guard at the gate says. "Wish you lot could have been around to help fight them off. Now look at the place. Luckily the rest of the city remained safe."

City Event 38:

Walking through the crowded streets of the Ward of Scales, you suddenly hear a commotion behind you. You turn to see a gruff shirtless man badgering a male Orchid.

"I assure you, I did nothing of the sort." the Orchid says calmly.

"You calling me a liar now?" bellows the man. "I think somebody needs to teach you a lesson." The man careens forward with his fist and knocks the Orchid to the ground.

A gasp emerges from the crowd, but very quickly the attitude turns to excitement and encouragement. Nothing like a good fight to get a crowd worked up.

City Event 39:

You are awakened in your room by a decisive knock at the door. You answer it to find a man in the robes of the Great Oak.

"Greetings," the man begins. "Our sanctuary is having a bit of trouble, and I've been directed to you as persons who could possibly help.

"You see, some of our relics have gone missing, and we suspect the worst. We are hoping you might grace us with your assistance in investigating this matter."

City Event 40:

You are shopping for supplies in the Boiler's District when an intense explosion knocks you off your feet. You look in the direction of the heat waves to see plumes of fire and smoke rising from a building less than a block a way.

The fire rages uncontrollably and there are many wounded residents laying near the blast, screaming in pain.

You also spot something else — a hooded figure in a dark robe fleeing from the scene.

City Event 41:

The Sinking Market is a varied area or decrepit huts and merchants unable to sell their wares anywhere else. It doesn't surprise you as you walk through to see a scraggly Vermling approach with a small sack.

"A potion for the big, strong adventurers!" she says as she waves you down. "Help you in battle, it will!"

You are about to push her aside and keep walking when she pulls the potion out of the sack. It glows green in the daylight — an impressive, large flask of master craftsmanship.

"Aha, I knew it catch your eye! How much you pay?"

City Event 42:

Walking near the West Gate, you are approached by a scrawny kid in a guard uniform, which is clearly too big for his small frame.

"Hey, you all are famous!" he says with a big smile. "I worked as a caravan guard before I got this job. Met with a big Inox guy who always talked about you. He made you seem like the nicest, most amazing people."

His smile and excitement doesn't waver. "Say, my detail is doing some work to repair the wall damage from the last Vermling attack. Would you mind helping us! It'll be fun!"

City Event 43:

You return to your rooms for the evening to find a small note resting on the ground in front of your door.

It is from the Tinkerer, explaining that he has been pursuing further studies in flammable liquid delivery methods. He asks for your help in delivering to him a small robotic contraption that he absentmindedlv left behind in a secret stash under the floorboards of his old room.

He details the device's location and gives an address to deliver it to some small village far to the northwest.

City Event 44:

In the very early morning, you are wakened by a knock at your door. Standing behind it is giant, dirty Inox wearing a leather apron.

"Oh, uh...ahem,'" he coughs. "Sorry, I was looking for a female Orchid. She used to help me on occasion with my forge. Her control over fire was astounding and I paid her well for her assistance completing some of my specialty work."

He scratches his head. "I guess she's not around anymore. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find someone who could help me in her absence, would you?"

City Event 45:

"You there! Stop!"

You turn to see a city guard walking briskly toward you.

"You are known associates of this woman, yes?" He holds up a crude sketch of the Scoundrel. "We believe she is behind a number of high profile robberies and demand that you give us any information you have on her whereabouts and activities."

His face softens a bit. Look, I know you guys do a lot of good for the city, but the merchant guild is breathing down my neck on this one, and I could really use a lead."

City Event 46:

Anticipating an enjoyable night of drinks at the Sleeping Lion, you enter the tavern to see a familiar Savvas sitting at your usual table. The Cragheart stands and extends both its arms.

"Ah, friends! So good to see you," it says. "Sit! Have a drink with me!"

City Event 47:

Walking near Gloomhaven Square, you see a peculiar scene. A group of guards is dragging along a Vermling in tattered robes toward the Ghost Fortress. Getting a little closer, you recognise the Mindthief.

"Hssss," she spits. "Why do you do this? I came to you! I tell you that this town is being poisoned, and you respond by imprisoning me?"

"Well see what the Captain of the Guard has to say about this," one of her captors says. "Keep moving!"

City Event 48:

You are haggling over the price of road rations with an irritating Valrath merchant when a messenger boy approaches you holding a note.

"Sir, I have a pressing letter from an important Valrath Sunkeeper," the messenger says. "I was told to deliver it to you."

You reach for it, but the messenger moves back a little. "Sir, this note has traveled a long distance to get to you. If you could, please pay a small fee to take possession of it."

City Event 49:

"Your Quartermaster friend sent me." You look quizzically at the Valrath standing at your door.

"I'm from the Capital and I deal in arms and armor," he says. "I'm looking to set up a contract with the Gloomhaven military and our friend says that you may have some contacts with them. He suggested I meet up with you once I got here"

The Valrath shifts his feet nervously. "So, can you help me?"

City Event 50:

"A monstrous creature approaches the walls!" A guard with a truly terrified look runs toward you, waving his arms with manic energy. "Please! You must help!" Before you can even agree, he grabs you by the wrist and pulls you toward the East Gate.

You hear the beast before you see it, bellowing with rage and pounding at the gates. Each time it hits, the entire city shakes. You climb the ramparts and look down at the massive creature with six legs as thick as trees, two spiraling horns, and a spiked tail.

This is truly a demon from the abyss," the guard laments. It must be from another plane, so he's not too far off.

City Event 51:

You are wandering through the city streets late at night when you hear a terrifying scream high above you. You look up just in time to see a body falling toward you and jump out of the way.

It lands with a wet thud on the ground. You were not the only ones to hear the scream, and quickly a small crowd forms around the corpse, including a couple of city guards.

The body is clad in black leather armor, and a long, thin blade conspicuously protrudes from its back. You remark that the sword somehow looks familiar.

"What?" asks a guard. "This is the third murder like this in a week. Tell me everything you know!"

City Event 52:

You have been hearing rumors in the bars: a pox is spreading through Gloomhaven, affecting lower class citizens — street urchins and back-alley thugs.

And then one night you see it: a Harrower dressed in a ragged green cloak holding a man down in an alley as its swarm spreads out and consumes him. The man's screams are muffled as the insects skitter down his throats.

Killing monsters and demons is one thing, but the Plagueherald shouldn't be preying on people in the city. You approach it, intent on stopping its attack.

City Event 53:

Walking near the northern gates, you see some commotion as a group of wounded guards is ushered into town.

They look pretty bad off, suffering from many severe wounds. Some even have lost limbs.

Bringing up the rear, one guard is carried in by a couple of others. He's missing a leg and has a vicious looking axe embedded in his side. You realize that the axe looks kind of familiar.

City Event 54:

Posters spring up in town announcing the performance of a master Quatryl musician and her merry band of performers. Looking closely at the image, you're pretty sure you recognize that foppish feathered hat.

The poster says the next show is tonight. You decide to attend for one purpose or another.

City Event 55:

"Ah, they said I might find you here." A portly Valrath woman looks down at you as you are enjoying a cold beverage at the Sleeping Lion.

"A group of wild-looking Orchids came to the Temple of Coin today hoping to engage in trade with the merchants of the city. One particularly dour-looking one with a bow said you lot would vouch for them.

"Were always wary of traps and betrayal out here on the edge of the wilderness, but if you think these Orchids can be trusted, then the Merchant's Guild may consider opening trade with them."

City Event 56:

Looking for a little bit of variety, you head down to the Brown Door as night falls. After some wait, you pass through the doors and are surprised to see the Sawbones sitting near the back of the room by himself. Considering this bar is about as seedy and corrupt as they come, it is just about the last place you would expect to find him.

"I just...I don't know what to do now," the Sawbones confesses after you sit down. "I'd like to join the sanctuary and lead a nice, quiet life, but after adventuring with all of you, that just doesn't seem fulfilling anymore."

He shakes his head. "I don't know. This life seems so boring now. What do you think?"

City Event 57:

You are haggling over the price of road rations with an irritating Valrath merchant when a messenger boy approaches you holding a note.

"Sir, I have a pressing letter written by a powerful Savvas that has come to you from all the way across the Misty Sea," the messenger says. "I was told to deliver it directly."

You reach for it, but the messenger moves back a little. "Sir, this note has traveled a very long distance to get to you. If you could, please pay a small fee to take possession of it."

City Event 58:

"There were fifty of them, I swear. Tearing my mates apart!"

You look over to the bar where a group of drunkards are all laughing at a disheveled man in the middle of a story.

"And commanding them all riding atop a giant armored bear, there was a Vermling with a staff that shot lightning!"

At this the crowd erupts into more laughter, drowning out the rest of the man's story.

"This man's had too much to drink, I'd say," ridicules one of the crowd. "Vermlings riding bears! I thought I'd heard of everything!"

City Event 59:

You head to the Sinking Market, hoping to find some cheap supplies, when you are surprised to see a crowd gathering in the distance. You push your way through and see a host of dead bodies in the street, covered in insects and strange pustules in their skin.

Nearby, a woman screams in terror and runs away. Other more curious onlookers inch closer, trying to get a better view of the grotesque scene.

City Event 60:

You are wandering the Ward of Scales in the evening when a crowd of people begins to form outside one of the shops, growing louder and more dense by the second.

As you approach, you see a terrified family of Quatryls through a familiar angry mob. The father pleads with a group of disheveled men with torches.

"Cheats!" A woman next to you screams. "Burn the store down!"

One of the men — clearly not a guard — backhands the father away from the door and pushes his way inside the shop.

City Event 61:

The day proves uneventful until you head back to your room in the evening to find a small package waiting at your doorstep. Resting on it is another note from the Tinkerer.

He thanks you profusely for sending along the mechanical spider, saying it was a great help in his work. He doesn't need it any longer, however and decided to send it back.

He explains that he made a few improvements to it as well while it was in his possession, and that it should help you significantly in your adventures.

City Event 62:

"So, I hear you stood up for me with the city guards the other day. Such annoying pests, aren't they?"

You turn around in the street to see the Scoundrel emerge from a dark alley with a smile on her face.

"I just wanted to thank you in person," she says. "I've known quite a few persons who would have ratted me out for their chance at a piece of gold. It's good to know some friendships last."

She looks over her shoulder. "Listen, I'm leaving town for a good long while. You wanna grab a drink before I take off?"

City Event 63:

"I assume you are aware of an increased amount of sickness in the city."

You were summoned to the Ghost Fortress and now stand before the Captain of the Guard.

"We believe it could have something to do with a poisoning threat brought to our attention by your Mindthief friend a while ago. We ignored it, but now she is nowhere to be found, the Hook Coast is a bed of disease, and Gloomhaven proper is on its way there, too."

He looks at you firmly. "I need you to head down to the Hook Coast and figure out what is going on. Then eliminate the source of the poison."

City Event 64:

Late in the evening, you are returning to your rooms when you hear a cry for help coming from a nearby alleyway. Racing into the shadows, you expect to find someone in distress, but instead find a group of men clad in black leather armor eying you maliciously.

"We have a message for your Nightshroud friend," one of them says, drawing a wicked looking curved blade. Suddenly, the Nightshroud appears among them in a flash of fatal sword strikes. Before the men even have a chance to react, half of them lie dead on the ground. The other half quickly flee.

"Well, it looks like you're into it now, too. Which is good, because I need help taking them down."

City Event 65:

In the middle of the night, you are awakened by a hard knocking at your door. You answer and it takes you a second to recognize the man standing on the other side.

"Those Oak relics you was lookin' for," the man says as he scratches a blister on the side of his face. "Some cut purses tried to sell them to me. I can take you to their place, but we gotta move fast, and I want a cut of the loot."

You hurriedly agree and make your way to a ramshackle warehouse next to the old docks.

"This is it," the man says. "Looks like no one's home, though."

City Event 66:

You head back to your rooms for the night when you see the Sawbones sitting in front of your doorstep, looking rather dejected.

"I, uh, well, you see..." he stammers. "I followed your advice. Chased my dreams and all that, but I ended up in debt to some rather unscrupulous people. They've threatened to kill me if I don't pay them off, but, uh, but I simply don't have the money."

He hesitates. "Seeing as how, uh, you bear some responsibility for setting me down this path, I was wondering if you'd be willing to offer some assistance in getting me out of this mess?"

City Event 67:

You are trying to enjoy a relaxing drink at the Sleeping Lion when a number of large men and Inox burst into the tavern and approach your table.

"So, you must be that little creep's collateral," one of the Inox says."We're here to collect."

When you stare at her in silence, she tries again. "Little grey-bearded man. Wore symbols of the Great Oak. He said you lot would pay off his debt if he couldn't."

She pats an axe at her side. "Now, seeing as how he apparently skipped town, you can pay us, or things are gonna get ugly."

City Event 68:

You wake in the middle of the night to the sound of rushing water. In the corner of your room, you see a flood gushing out of the head of the Summoner's staff which you had previously picked up in your travels.

You jump out of bed and splash through a growing puddle of water to investigate the staff, but you can't make any sense of it. It seems to be materializing the water out of thin air, possibly channeling it from another plane of existence. You scratch your head, unsure of what to do next.

City Event 69:

You are rather surprised to walk into the Brown Door one night to see your old friend the Soothsinger playing a song on the corner stage. You are even more surprised when you get closer and discover the song is about you.

It is a raucous talc about the time she met you in a forest and you gave her terrible directions — just the worst, most backward directions possible.

Everyone in the crowd is tearing up with laughter as she eloquently describes your bumbling and ineptitude.

City Event 70:

You are wandering the Sinking Market looking for possible work when you are approached by a dirty-looking boy with a scar on his cheek.

You greet him warmly. He has given you leads on a number of mercenary jobs and you recently helped him avoid a jail cell.

"I need some help, and I really don't know who else to turn to," he begins. "All of us here in the Sinking Market are in a bad way. Our houses are collapsing, our water is foul, and we don't even have enough money for food.

"We are dying here, and the city is doing nothing to help us. You have friends in high places, right? Please, there's gotta be someone you can talk to.

City Event 71:

You are walking along the river's edge in the Mixed District late at night when something in your pack begins to vibrate. The sensation is odd and you quickly fish out the small metal sphere you found out on the road. It shakes uncontrollably and then begins pulling your arm toward the river.

You walk to the bank, but still the sphere pulls. It is drawn to something in the water.

City Event 72:

The metal sphere and rod — you've had them in your possession for a while now and occasionally pull them out to mull over the carvings. You've brought it to the University, but they can't make any sense of it either.

You are fiddling with the device in the Sleeping Lion when you are tapped on the shoulder. You turn to see a wicked grin on the dirty face of an old bandit. "They call me Fish, and that there is a key, friend — a key of the ancient sort."

Before you can ask, Fish pulls out a similar black sphere atop a metal rod. "They're twins, ain't they, and Fish knows just what they open. A tomb of treasure, friend. Come, come, Fish will show you the way."

City Event 73:

You awake in your bed to sensation of someone shaking you, but when you look around, you see no one else in your room. Instead, you see that it's the entire room that's shaking.

Your thoughts immediately go to the crystal you found inside the mountain along the road. You quickly search through your belongings and grab the crystal in your hand. The earthquake immediately stops.

Clearly this thing has some power and you need to deal with it before more damage is done.

City Event 74:

"Welcome to the Marvelous and Magic Techno-Circus!" The Quatryl with a top hat you met on the road greets you as you enter the circus tent. "We always welcome our friends to come and see the wondrous sights!"

You wander around the pavilion for a while, looking at all signs for manner of improbable creatures. Ultimately you will have to decide on what to see first.

City Event 75:

Returning to Gloomhaven after your latest outing, you are approached by the Captain of the Guard at the city gates.

"Ah, I was hoping I might catch you here sooner or later," he says. "I have still been receiving reports about large, flying lizards from the scouts. Tell me, have you gotten to the bottom of that situation yet?"

City Event 76:

You are walking through the new docks when a well-dressed merchant flags you down.

"Oh, my, what a fortuitous encounter," he whispers as you approach. "May I buy you a drink? I have a very sensitive job for you, and I 'd like to avoid the prying eyes around us."

The merchant, an iron dealer named Gavin, makes a gesture toward a large group of dock workers. "I can't trust anyone. Well, anyone except you of course."

City Event 77:

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the most notorious band of mercenaries in all of Gloomhaven. The guards looking to throw you in the Ghost Fortress yet, or are they on the payroll?"

You turn around to see Red Nick, a well-known fence, leaning up against the wall. You've had certain dealings with him in the past.

"Fancy seeing you, actually," he says. "I've got a big job, and I figure if anyone wouldn't mind digging up graves, it would be you miscreants."

City Event 78:

The scene is typical. A nervous looking man stands in front of your table at the Sleeping lion. You eye him lazily until he speaks.

"I was, um, told you might be able to help me," he starts. "I was in the Corpsewood conducting some, uh, business, when my partners and I were attacked by Vermlings. I barely escaped with my life, but my partners weren't so lucky.

"One of them was carrying something valuable — an artifact we managed to find in our, uh, business. It s very important I get it back. I followed the Vermlings back to their nest, and I can assure you they have many valuables. I'll show you where it is, and you can take whatever you want. Just bring me back the artifact."

City Event 79:

The sun is out and you are enjoying a pleasant stroll across the Silent Bridge until you see two demons attacking a man ahead of you.

You get closer and can hear the demons berating the man as they swipe at him with their claws.

"You dare spit on us as we walk past?" One of them yells. "We will show you the consequences of defying authority!"

City Event 80:

As you prepare to leave the city on another journey, you are suddenly surrounded by a large group of guards near the west gate.

"We hear you've been spreading rumors," one of them says. "Claiming that the guards are causing the Vermling attacks on the city. That's some high-grade garbage you're spewing."

"My best friend died in the last Vermling raid!" another one yells. "You got something smart to say about that?"

City Event 81:

"Hey aren't you the mercenaries who stopped that weird tornado from destroying the city?"

You turn to see a dirty dock worker pointing at you with wonder in his eyes. "What was that all about anyway?"

More people stop and stare at you. This has become and unfortunately common occurrence since the Gloom was destroyed. You have become something of a minor celebrity in Gloomhaven.